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Does Flax Plus contained Vitamin D2 or Vitamin D3?

We just had a customer ask, “whether Flax Orginal Plus contained Vitamin D2 or Vitamin D3”, so today I want to focus on Vitamin D, what it does, what are the different forms of Vitamin D, how much you need and how the other goodies in Flax Plus work with flax oil.

Vitamin D is a fat soluble Vitamin, which is so crucial for many bodily functions that some authorities consider it should more properly be called a hormone. Most people do not get enough Vitamin D in the diet or from sun exposure, especially in winter. Vitamin D is important for good overall health, strong and healthy bones and teeth. It’s also an important factor in making sure your muscles, heart, lungs, brain and gut  work well and that your body can fight infections and asthma.

The Vitamin D in Flax Plus is Vitamin D2 made by exposing food yeast to UV light, which converts the natural occurring ergosterol in the yeast to ergocalciferol (Vitamin D2) – a very similar process to what happens in your body when you expose your skin to sunlight and your body makes Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) .

Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3 are both precursors, which require a two stage enzyme conversion in the liver and kidneys to convert them to the actual Vitamin D (calcitriol), which is the only one of the three forms that is active in your body.

Vitamin D2 is found naturally in fungi, yeasts and some plants, whereas Vitamin D3 is found naturally in animal sources such as egg yolks and oily fish. You can also get both synthetic Vitamin D2 and D3 as supplements.

There have been a number of studies done comparing how efficiently your body converts the Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3 into the active Vitamin D, with quite variable results, depending on the study design. A recent review of all the human studies done so far concluded that if you were having a mega dose to boost your Vitamin D levels then Vitamin D3, was slightly more effective because it lasted longer. However if the trial were done using daily supplementation then Vitamin D2 was slightly more effective – so it seems to be horses for courses.

Since Flax Plus is designed for daily use, I chose to use the plant sourced Vitamin D2, so that the blend was also suitable for vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. It is designed to give you 5000 IU per day which is the amount recommended by the Vitamin D Council that will get at least 97% of people with blood levels of Vitamin D above 30 ng/ml and will get most people above 40 ng/ml, and close to around 50 ng/ml, but more importantly, such a dose will not cause anyone to get to toxic levels.

A great study that examined the Vitamin D levels of people who get plenty of sun exposure was published recently, showing that free-living hunter-gatherers living around the African equator (where humans evolved) have average vitamin D levels of 46 ng/ml – which is a pretty compelling argument for needing this much.

Flax Plus also contains about 20% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin K, since a recent study of over 2000 adults in the USA found that roughly half those tested were not getting sufficient Vitamin K. Vitamin K is important for bone health, but also for heart health, kidney health, brain health and for regulating blood sugar levels.

Vitamin K is also required for your body to be able to properly utilise Vitamin D – so you still need to eat your leafy greens, cheese and fermented foods to get the rest of the Vitamin K you need for wellness.

I also designed Flax Plus to contain your daily requirement of Selenium in an organic form, since nearly all soils in New Zealand are deficient in Selenium. This means that if you are not supplementing, your body probably has about a tenth of the Selenium it needs for optimum health.

Don’t forget to shake the bottle thoroughly so you get access to all the goodies present in the added powders.

For more information about the impacts of Vitamin D on your health and why you should include Flax Plus oil in your diet, see my soon-to-be published book “Take Charge of Your Happiness, Belly Fat And Sexiness – A Working Woman’s Route to Wellness”

David Musgrave - Owner

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