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Coconut Flour


How is coconut flour made?

For thousands of years coconuts have formed a regular part of many peoples diet throughout the tropics and sub-tropics. It is an impressively versatile fruit (not nut) that can be used in many delicious recipes. Once the husk has been removed the inner white lining (known as the meat) has the milk separated and is then dried and ground to create a pure coconut flour with nothing added or removed. Waihi bush organic farm’s partner Zenian Organics sources only high quality certified organic coconut products. It is packaged using Waihi bush organic farm’s own process to ensure a superior fresh product reaches you in perfect condition.

About Coconut Flour:

  • It contains high levels of healthy fats as MCT oils (medium chain triglycerides) which are great brain fuel! They are easily used by the body for energy and support healthy metabolism.
  • It is a low Glycemic Index food which offers a slow continuous supply of energy and will help make you feel fuller for longer. Low GI foods help maintain a healthy blood sugar level as carbohydrate is digested slowly resulting in a more gradual rise in blood glucose levels.
  • It will help you incorporate the necessary dietary fibre required to maintain good gut health and support your liver. Fibre is only found in plants and not only helps keep you regular, but assists in protecting against bowel disorders and other health issues. Coconut flour contains more insoluble fibre than wheat bran.
  • It contains high quality protein which is essential for growth and maintenance of muscle and tissue. It is also important to help your body repair cells and grow new ones especially in children, teens and pregnant women.
  • It is a good source of available iron which is an essential mineral needed for the transportation of oxygen throughout the body.
  • It is not only gluten free but grain, dairy, nut and soy free and is a great substitute for wheat based flour whilst adding nutrtional advantages.
  • It is suitable for paleo based diets and for those looking for a ketogenic or low carb alternative.

Ingredients: 100% cold-pressed organically certified Coconut Flour



Serving suggestions: 

Use coconut flour anywhere you would use any other flour but as coconut flour is much denser the ratio is 1 cup coconut flour to 2.5/3 cups regular flour and can also be consumed raw in slices, muesli, health balls and great as a crumb on vegetables, fish or chicken.

If the recipe seems too dry just add more wet ingredients.

  • Easily used for delicious baked goods, snacks and even some savoury dishes.
  • Use as a substitute for grain based flour or almond flour in breads and other baking.
  • Sprinkle over your favourite breakfast cereal or use as an ingredient in muesli or porridge to give it a delicious coconut flavour.
  • Make an instant pudding by adding milk (dairy or non-dairy) maybe some flax, chia, or pumpkin flour, vanilla extract, nuts, stewed fruit and yoghurt or buttermilk.