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The Urban Monk - Cultured Selection x 3

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We choose The Urban Monk as they are the only maker of locally produced and certified organic fermented vegetables in New Zealand and their cultured vegetables are guaranteed vegan. They do not use a starter culture. (Starter cultures are sometimes derived from dairy.)   With Urban Monk krauts, you are guaranteed to receive ALL the nourishing goodness a cultured vegetable can offer. – They do not pasteurise!

Sanctified Sauerkraut

Sanctified by the blessed caraway seed, this traditional Germanic spiced organic kraut has a little bit of extra punch, helping you ward off the demons.

Sauerkraut with a traditional European sprinkling of caraway seeds for a bit of extra nuttiness.

They say caraway is also good for love potions. Either way, we know you’ll love crunching your way through this heavenly concoction, made from lovingly reared certified organic cabbages.

You can understand why St Augustine himself, and hosts of angels, could be so triumphant about this special brew

Spirted Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut with bite:

Another fantastic sauerkraut, this time with organic chilli, garlic and ginger.

The chilli is from Trade Aid, the garlic is organic and the ginger is uncertified but organically grown from Fiji.

Glorious Carrots & Ginger

This is carrot plus plus, with the zing of glorious ginger radiating throughout.

This sweet and punchy blend is made with locally grown organic carrots and imported organic ginger, organic salt and water.

Serving suggestions: 

The Urban Monk's products contribute to a healthy balanced diet and are Paleo, Gluten, Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian and Ketogenic friendly.

Add to your lunch or dinner menu as a side dish, serve on crackers or places in sandwiches.   Start with a tablespoon and slowly increase the amount to avoid gastro-intestinal discomfort.