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We choose The Urban Monk as they are the only maker of locally produced and certified organic fermented vegetables in New Zealand and their cultured vegetables are guaranteed vegan. They do not use a starter culture. (Starter cultures are sometimes derived from dairy.)   With Urban Monk krauts, you are guaranteed to receive ALL the nourishing goodness a cultured vegetable can offer. – They do not pasteurise!

Eternal Onions

The ancient Egyptians knew about the health benefits of onions, and
to them the onion rings symbolised eternity. These onions are crisp and crunchy, with that delicious cultured bite.

Fantastic with cheese and crackers, antipasto platters, on pizzas and in sandwiches

Radiant Sauerkraut

Bright and Spicy!

A blend of organic cabbages and daikons, spiced with turmeric and
chilli. A beautiful, radiant yellow that leaves an afterglow of spicy heat in the mouth

Blessed Beetroot

A healthy twist on a Kiwi classic:   sliced organic beetroot cultured with Fair Trade mustard seeds from Trade Aid.

Brilliant in burgers!

Serving suggestions: 

The Urban Monk's products contribute to a healthy balanced diet and are Paleo, Gluten, Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian and Ketogenic friendly.

Add to your lunch or dinner menu as a side dish, serve on crackers or places in sandwiches.   Start with a tablespoon and slowly increase the amount to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.