Certifications and Organics in New Zealand

Waihi Bush organic farm has a proud tradition of making natural and organic flaxseed oil products. Our organic products are independently certified by BioGro New Zealand to international standards and are produced in accordance with environmentally sustainable practices.

Our BioGro Standard covers organic primary production, organic processing, and labelling. The standard provides a minimum requirement for us to comply with in order to gain Organic Certification for the production of, labelling of, and claims for our organically produced flaxseed products.

The BioGro Organic Certification mark on our products gives our consumers absolute confidence that the product they are buying has been produced according to organic principles all the way from 'paddock to plate'.

Products certified organic by BioGro are given a unique organic customer number that enables traceability. In addition, aware that consumers are constantly demanding extra safeguards, BioGro goes one step further and requires multi-residue testing of randomly selected organic produce to further assure organic authenticity.

The seed from which all of our products are made is tested to be GE FREE. We pride ourselves on being able to trace the flaxseed in any product back to the very paddock the seed was grown in.

Waihi Bush Organic farm products are also produced using an approved HACCP Food Safety Programme which is a programme designed to identify and control food safety risk factors in order to establish and maintain food safety. This plan is a unique summary of all the actions undertaken by our organisation to demonstrate food safety in each of our processes and in each premise. Our HACCP Plan is a self-imposed, continuing, documented system tailored to our individual operation to ensure that products are safe and wholesome. We are audited annually by Telarc New Zealand.

We work hard to incorporate best practice and continuous improvement into our food safety programme. We have to ensure that this is reflected in our Organic Management Plan and JAS Certification Plan.