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Waihi Bush

Golden Linseed

Golden Linseed

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Our Golden Linseed uses only certified organic golden flax seeds grown in New Zealand. It has the same nutritional properties of the brown variety, but a lighter colour when used in baked goods. It is packaged using Waihi Bush Organic Farm’s own process to ensure a superior fresh product reaches you in perfect condition.

About Golden Flax Seed:

  • It is a great all natural dietary source of several vitamins and minerals such as Thiamine  (Vitamin B1), Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin B6, Iron and Folate.
  • It offers a healthy and simple substitute for eggs in baking and cooking.
  • It is not only gluten free but grain, dairy, nut and soy free and is a great substitute for wheat based flour whilst adding nutritional advantages.
  • It is a great way to incorporate antioxidants in your diet. Getting antioxidants from your food is far more effective and safer than from supplements. Antioxidants are essential to our existence; they fight damage caused by free radicals that can harm your cellular structure.
  • It is a rich source of omega-3 which is one of the most important essential nutrients. Your body cannot make it so you must consume it. It is crucial for your physical and mental health.
  • It contains high quality protein which is essential for growth and maintenance of muscle and tissue. It is also important to help your body repair cells and grow new ones especially in children, teens and pregnant women.
  • It is suitable for paleo based diets and for those looking for a ketogenic or low carb alternative.
  • It will help you incorporate the necessary dietary fibre required to maintain good gut health and support your liver. Fibre is only found in plants and not only helps keep you regular but plays in protecting against bowel disorder and other health issues.

Suggested serving size: 40g per day.

Serving suggestions:

  • Crush and Grind seed to release nutrients.
  • Use as an egg substitute.
  • Blend into your favourite smoothie, yoghurt or shake.
  • A nourishing way to bind meatloaf and patties.
  • Add to cottage cheese, hummus, pesto or dips.
  • Use as a substitute for grain based flour in bread and other baking.
  • Great as a nutritious thickener in soups, sauces, stews and gravies.
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