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Waihi Bush

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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For thousands of years, coconuts have formed a regular part of many peoples diet throughout the tropics and subtropics.  It is an impressively versatile fruit (not a nut) that can be used in many delicious ways.  Waihi Bush Organic Farm's partner sources coconut oil which is wild-harvested, processed and hand packed on-site on the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea.  Their policy is to send as much of the income as possible from sales of coconut oil back to Napapar Village to support farmers and improve their resources.

It is bottled using Waihi Bush Organic Farm's own process to ensure a superior fresh product reaches you in perfect condition.

Cold pressed, non-refined, extra virgin organic coconut oil

Natural MCT oil (MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride) which are fatty acids and can help maintain a state of ketosis, therefore is a popular product in keto diets.

Safe cooking oil - it's one of the few oils that is safe to cook with at high temperatures without destroying its health benefits.

Great tasting & versatile - some coconut oils have a  neutral flavour but we are proud of this fabulous tasting oil.

Gluten & Sugar-Free
Sustainable & ethical
Packed in HDPE curbside recyclable plastic to protect the integrity of the oil from light and oxidation.

Serving suggestions: 

It's such a versatile ingredient;
Blend into a smoothie or shake
Add to hot beverages - great as a coffee creamer
Cook with it - sauteeing, frying, roasting or baking
Use externally as a moisturiser, skin cleanser, natural makeup remover
Oral health - for coconut oil pulling


Store in a cool dark place.  Once opened use within 3 months.  Product can be frozen.


100% Cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil.  Certified organic

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