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Gail Graham and Humphrey the Shetland pony


Michelle Brown


I have suffered from severe IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) since I was 16 (I am now of an age that we don't express our age in years, more in life experiences!). I would writhe on the floor, clutching at my abdomen and crying out in pain.

How Long Before Improvement Noticed?



I suffered terribly when going through menopause. I used to have low energy levels and needed an afternoon nap. I tried many different products over a period of 2 years, including wild yams. Some of these worked for a short period and then stopped.

Russell Wood


James Kewene


I have a Shetland pony, Humphrey, who is Insulin Resistant.   This is rather like being a diabetic in human terms and cannot be 'cured'; only controlled by diet.   Humphrey is also very laminitic prone and I have to constantly monitor his grass intake to prevent him having a laminitic or founder attack.